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      The body is a complex organism that requires special commands to unleash it’s full potential.

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  • PSA ZERO Program: Making Life Worry Free

    PSA ZERO is a prostate ( http://www.psazero.com ) cancer treatment program developed by Dr. Steve Bedi. According to Dr. Steve, “For all the men who seek help at various stages of the cancer, need this program to equip themselves with essential information, education and awareness regarding the disease”. He has undergone intensive research in his area of expertise which comprises of urology, general surgery, preventive medicine and research.

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  • • To attain wisdom...
  • • one must become the change
  • • one wishes to see in others.

It is my belief that we can all attain a better state of wellbeing through a deeper understanding of ourselves, and our divine purpose. It has been proven that, through inner awareness, consciousness, and self-realization, you can make a radical transformation to keep your biological function which nature has given you. Each of us is a complete unit; an infinite universe. Through transformation and a metamorphosis of the soul we can achieve better health and become a more vibrant human being.

I am a former physician turned guru. Having graduated from Maulana Azad College in New Delhi, in 1966. I then came to the United States in 1967, and served my internship and residency training in General Surgery and Urology in Detroit Michigan. Shortly thereafter I opened a practice in Michigan then later moved to Florida. My experience and wisdom will teach you how to uplift yourself and maximize your cellular immunity to rejuvenate your self for your overall state of wellbeing. I have studied the human body and its biological functions for the entirety of my life and I have found that there are simple solutions to keep us in perfect health.

From my meager beginnings in New Delhi, India I have worked as a physician across this great land of the United States, all the while always holding on to my roots. I have practiced hypnosis; have used polarizing treatments to help patients with cardiovascular and prostatic diseases. In 1986, I sold my practices and became involved in real estate ventures, investment, and found myself reacquainted with my Yogic roots.

In February of 2008, while running on the beach I was inspired to write my first book, Kamasutra Yoga. Later going on to produce the revolutionary treatment called PSA Zero. Currently I have completed my second book, Mother India, a Prescription for Corruption. Each of us can attain inner peace, greater health and vitality by following simple yogic philosophies.